2019 Entertainment line up!



Join us for opening ceremonies at 10:30am at the Main Stage in Elm Square with musical guests Perfect Crime (11:30 am), Booty Vortex (12:45pm) And Analog Heart (2:45pm)


ABCA is grateful to  Dreamweaver Productions for the staging & sound for Main & Community Stage and to the  The Tent Guys for supplying the tents used during the event.


Also one great sponsor and entertainment is the Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center which are great for every occasion or event, get your party to be the best in the neighborhood and enjoy as much as you can with your friends and family ! you can’t miss this chance !

Let’s talk about Colleen Ritzer, she was a beloved Danvers High School math teacher and a lifelong resident of Andover. A 2007 graduate of Andover High School, she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2011 from Assumption College with a bachelor of arts in Math, concentration in Secondary Education and a minor in Psychology. At the time of her passing, Colleen was pursuing a Master’s Degree at Salem State University. Colleen, the oldest of three children, received tremendous support and encouragement from her large and loving extended family as she fulfilled a life‐long ambition to serve as a teacher.

Colleen began teaching at Danvers High School in September of 2012 and through the sincere passion she demonstrated and desire to make a real impact in her student’s lives, quickly earned a reputation as an effective and popular teacher. Prior to Danvers, Colleen taught for one year at Hale Middle School in Stow. During her senior year at Assumption, Colleen fulfilled her student teaching requirements at Shrewsbury High School. In each of these professional assignments, Colleen exceeded expectations and sought to make learning fun for her students. Thanks to Colleen’s unique gifts and ability to teach complex lessons in a way that students could easily understand, she made a tremendous difference in the lives of so many.

Following her passing, one student summarized Colleen’s dedicated approach to teaching, sharing, “In the two short months I’ve had Mrs. Ritzer as a teacher, there are two things I have learned: Math is as good as you make it and being nice to people can leave a greater impact on their life than you think.”

About the Colleen Ritzer Scholarship Fund

Colleen Ritzer dedicated her life to two passions: family and teaching. Her story is one that has inspired many. Colleen’s transformation from student to teacher would provide her the opportunity to share those unique gifts and make a tremendous difference in the lives of her students. Outside the classroom, Colleen was often developing new creative and exciting ways to teach math to students. Much of this creativity could be summarized by one of her twitter posts: “Yay Math!” or her Twitter profile that stated: “Math teacher often too excited about the topics I’m teaching.” Teaching provided Colleen with a means to live a rewarding and fulfilling personal and professional life, which was evident through her passion for this work.

While Colleen derived strength and personal fulfillment from her teaching career, she cherished spending time with friends, and more often, her close immediate and extended family. Her heart and soul were dedicated to the needs and love of her family.

Reflecting on Colleen’s life, her cousin Gina shared, “Colleen missed her Grandma Bev so much and would say that ‘we are forever grateful for the time we had with her and will continue to find healing in the many memories.’ We should all listen to this advice. Be grateful for the time we had with Colleen, even though it was far too short, and begin to find healing in the many fond memories that we have with her.”

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good is a wonderful legacy to leave behind”

Since her passing, many events and tributes have been held in Colleen’s honor. These events, organized by family, friends and others throughout the community, are held to remember Colleen and raise financial resources for a scholarship in her name. We are hoping to enhance a sense of community and overall goodwill as we come together to commemorate Colleen and the values she lived by.

In honor of that passion and to create a lasting legacy, the Colleen E. Ritzer Memorial Scholarship was established by Colleen’s family to benefit Andover and Danvers High School seniors who demonstrate a passion for teaching, academic excellence and love of family. Applicants must also plan to pursue a degree in the field of education at an accredited 4-year college or university in the fall of 2014.

All students planning to major in Education or a specific subject (i.e. Math, Science, etc.) with a concentration in Education are encouraged to apply for these competitive scholarships that are awarded to well-rounded individuals who share Colleen’s passions of family and teaching.